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Sunday, April 03, 2011

NuWave Style Prime Rib!

The official definition of the NuWave oven is this: Cook quick! NuWave's ovens cook 50% faster than conventional ovens due to a 3-way patented method that uses infrared, conduction and convection heating for tender, evenly browned meals.

So you faithful blog followers (yes, I am talking to both of you) know that my brother (much older than me) turned 50 last week AND that he is a fussy, gourmet cook. My niece bravely purchased this for him and he's been experimenting with huge success all week. Tonight -- prime rib. Who's brave enough to put a 5lb prime rib in this? Jim Raine, that's who.

The photos here are of the process along the way, along with my finished plate (strawberry pattern and all):

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