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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Have you ever had a Pup-a-cino?

Woof woof woof! Listen my fellow puppies...ask your mom or dad to take you to Starbucks. All you have to do is look real sweet (and that's easy for me to do) and they will ask your mom if you can have a pup-a-cino. My mom said YES! It's a tiny little cup of whipped cream and let me tell you -- it's to die for. I have never been so happy in my life. I am not sure if I can go back to drinking plain old water anymore. I am an official Starbucks fan. Until now it's just been a place I go with mom and get scolded when I try to lick her cup. But no more. I have my own special thing and it's wonderful! I doubt my vet would like me eating it, but I don't care. And who's going to tell?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Presenting Food For Optimum Eye Appeal

My mother always told me that cooking a great meal was only half the battle. She was border-line obsessed with what she called "eye appeal" and adding color to dishes. She was all about garnishing and making it pretty as well as having it taste good.

Tonight my brother (the fantastic cook that he is) made this fabulous beef tenderloin and kahlrobi in olive oil, garlic and topped with parmesan cheese. It was as good as it looks in the picture. I photographed it with my iphone and forwarded it to Shelley before I even took a bite. I kept thinking that my mother would have liked a nice big green vegetable or some other colorful garnish in addition to the kohlrobi. But the taste of the food was too good for me to bother with it. Until....Shelley texted back with "yum, but uh....NICE DISHES". Ok...I admit that these dishes are old. They were in fact my mother's. I guess I am used to them as we have eaten off them for as long as I can remember. How long ago did Corelle come out with that little strawberry design? Somehow after Shelley pointed it out to me the food didn't taste quite as good. Forgive me mother, and please don't turn over in your grave. But through the wonder of photoshop, I have made the dish taste better. And I am sure Shelley will rest better tonight.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Zucchini's and Guns

When I was working, I looked so forward to the weekends. Now, not so much. Saturday especially means being alone in this big house with PETE. And PETE always has ants in his pants. I needed to do something today to be productive so I went to the store and bought everything necessary for zucchini bread. The only thing I did not buy was the actual zucchini as we usually have an abudance of them being that my niece's boyfriend is a farmer. I got home and started to prepare the recipe I got from and realized that there was no viable zucchini in the house. Just a few mushy ones. Ooops. I asked PETE if he would run to the store and pick up two large zucchinis. Here is the exact conversation as it transpired, I kid you not:

Me: Can you please run over and get two really large zucchinis?

PETE: What now?

Me: Zucchinis. They are in the vegetable department.

PETE: What are they?

Me: Let me write it down, just ask someone they will know what it is.

PETE: Do we need anything from the store?


PETE: What are they?

Me: They are vegetables! Just ask someone.

PETE: Do I have to go now?

Me: You don't have to go at all, I will go.

PETE: I am going to the store, do you want anything?

Me: Well, how about if you pick up some zucchinis.

PETE: Ok. Where do I find them?

This continued for quite a while. He finally went and retrieved the zucchini and I made the bread. While I am cooking he says "do we need anything from the store?" I said "why, are you going back?" He replies "what about dinner?" That falls under the category of whatever you choose to do leave me out of it. I just told him I was eating zucchini bread for dinner. He says "what is zucchini bread?".

It's nights like this that I am very glad I don't know where the key to the gun cabinet is.

Thankfully, my son came over and we ordered a pizza.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Change of Pace

Today has been, well, interesting. It began by me telling PETE at 8:30 that we would be leaving in 1 hour for his doctor visit (a visit we have discussed in depth every day for over a week). He says "where are we going?" and I told him again. He says "why are we going?" and I told him, AGAIN. Then, he tells me (without prompting) that we're leaving too early. So he remembers that the time for his appointment is 11AM. How can you remember the time but not know where you are going and why? Nevermind, I know, it's old age and his condition and I need to just shut up about that because that will so be me one day. In fact, to a degree, it's me already. But anyway, we got to his appointment early and he checks in at the desk and the lady gives him 6 pages of paperwork to fill out. PETE comes to sit near me in the waiting room (full of people, I might add) and says loud enough for almost everyone to hear "look at this shit...I have to fill out a book about myself...BITCH". I said (equally loud) PETE, don't be like that, these people are here to help you and they need this information. He tries to give me the same argument that he always gives me "well, they are the doctor's they should know this stuff". He thinks every doctor in the free world already knows his complete medical history.

Now, let me get to the good part of the story. When we finished his appointment and left we decided (for a change) to go to this quaint little restaurant in downtown Oswego. It's just called Family Restaurant, I think. When I walked in I immediatly recalled being their with my own mother and my son in 1994 after a day of house shopping for me. Memories!!! Nice memories!

The food was fantastic. I felt like we were in Mayberry, North Carolina and that Andy and Barney might walk in at any moment. Even though it was noon, I ordered french toast (needed to take a piece home). They had the best and crispiest hash browns EVER. They brought my milk out when I asked and kept coming over to refill our coffee. Wonderful, nice atmosphere with great food. So what if my dining partner was PETE and he was grumpy. If he mulled over the menu and ordered the same thing he always does I was oblivious because I've never been there with him. Of course I can never go there with him again now because it will irritate me.

The good experience was washed away when we got home and PETE opened up a medical bill from his last cerebral angiogram a few weeks ago. It was $42,000! (Medicare will be paying it but that didn't stop him from going on a rant about the corrupt bastards in Illinois and how he's going to write a letter to Obama). I have to admit the medical fees in this country are off the charts, but hearing about it over and over and over isn't making me feel any warmer and fuzzier about it.

He's going to a wedding tonight for his nephew. It'll be nice to have the house back!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

T-Bonz by Purina = Doggie Heaven

The dogs on this package are not very cute. Well, maybe the one on the right is, as she reminds me a little of my friend Sarah Taylor (sometimes known as Sarah Jessica Parker Taylor). Only my friend Sarah is cuter. They are smart dogs though (not fat and stupid) because I bet they got a deal on free T-Bonz for posing for this picture. My cousin Bailey and I cannot get enough of these little morsels. They are soft (which is something I demand). They are flavorful. They are heaven for dogs. The only treat I like better is the chicken drumette I reviewed yesterday. These are a close second. I will pose for their package anytime. After all, I might be in a book soon. The Cutest Pets in America. If my mom decides to fork over a preferred price of $59.99 for a copy of the book. Please write to her and tell her to do it. It's my first public exposure and it might lead to more deals such as posing for the T-Bonz package. Or better yet, the drumettes package! Can you even imagine? All the drumettes you can eat just for having your picture used? Oh, nevermind. I bet my mom would still limit me to one or two a day since I AM FAT. Sigh.

My Inner Rock Star is now satisfied

Last night I was on the old "no food or drink after midnight" as I was having a lumbar injection in my spine at the hospital this morning. Ooops, when I woke up at 2:45 because my co-blogger and bedmate Betsy Lou needed to go outside, I ate a piece of candy. But other than that, I had had nothing (minus a sip of my niece's starbucks on the way to the hospital because I had to swallow my medication. So, I was starving. By the time we left the hospital (25 miles from our house) I needed to eat SOMETHING. My appetite was even better since PETE was not there. I could feel nothing from the waist down on my right side so it was great to have the Illinois drive-thru option. Paige and I chose my brother's favorite place Augustino's Rock and Roll Deli.
I promise you this is the best sandwich EVER. It's a submarine sandwich place that's on the expensive side (3 roast beef subs were $19) but worth every single penny. The bread is fresh baked and the taste is like no other. It's a family owned business with only two locations here in the Chicago Suburbs. My advice is that if you don't live here, you might consider moving here just for Augustino's. Seriously.
I am still numb, but I can tell my appetite is satisfied. Oh, and Paige stopped and got me a Starbucks so I could have my caffeine fix.
Tomorrow you can look forward to another lunch with PETE as I assume after our next hospital visit he'll insist and this time I am not going to argue. It's just not worth the hassle. It'll be a two hour lunch and I just hope it's not Red Lobster.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Walgreen's Treats

This is not on my diet, but when I am especially good (which is almost always) my mom gives me this Waggin Train Chicken Drumettes treat that she gets at Walgreens (two for $5.00). That is a bargain by any dog standards. She gives one to me and one to Bailey. Bailey foolishly gobbles hers down really fast and then comes and sits and stares at me while I am still savoring each little bite. It is even more fun when Bailey is staring at me with her tongue hanging out and I can smirk at her (yes, dogs CAN smirk). I know it's mean, but that just makes this the best treat in the world. Stay tuned tomorrow when I review the T-Bonz bites that also come from Walgreens. Yum!!!!

History Repeats Itself

Today PETE accompanied me to the doctor and the minute we got in the car (at 11:45 AM) he began badgering me to go to Red Lobster after the doctor appointment. I told him "we'll see" like I used to with my son when he was 4. When I would say that to Mike he was smart enough to say "don't say we'll see, because when you say we'll see, it means no!". There is no such word as no in Pete's vocabulary. I sat in the doctors office receiving the slowest IV iron drip since the dawn of IV iron drips, and all I could focus on was PETE pondering that Red Lobster menu wondering if they had the Sailor's Platter. I mean seriously. I was surrounded by cancer patients receiving chemo therapy and I am consumed about how to get out of dinner with PETE because I didn't think I could stand a two hour Red Lobster stint.

He won. He went to Red Lobster. I tried to persuade him to try something new as we passed restaurant after restaurant. No, no, no. I told him to be adventurous and try something new! NO. He told me I was hard to get along with and I figured it was better than arguing with him.

For the details of the rest of the experience, please refer to the blog post a few days back entitled dining with PETE.


Matteo's Pizza & Bistro in Carmichael

So after our positive experience at Ten 22 the Bon and I decided to refer back to Sacramento Magazine's best restaurants edition to find another place to eat at.  We were flipping through the pages and reading comments when it was as if the "food force" grabbed us and directed us to page 103 and the following full page picture...

I gasped out loud as I read the Sac Mag description that ended with assertive blue-cheese butter.  Seriously, how can you not want this steak?! 

I looked at Bon and said "OMG, the force is strong with this one" and we immediately hopped into my Jeep and raced at warp speed toward Carmichael.

We pulled into the parking lot and I noticed right away that there was a nice patio with umbrella's for outdoor seating; which for me is always a bonus.  Bon and I headed inside and were greeted by two smiling hostesses and I immediately felt relaxed and comfortable.  I emphasized smiling because I feel many businesses (restaurants in particular) in an effort to seem sophisticated, and classy, forget the simplest rule of customer service - smile to welcome your guests, it lets them know you want them there. 

As I glanced around I noted muted and warm colors, soft lighting and the hum of people chatting.  There were plenty of tables, a full bar (with flat screens) an adjoining room with tables, booths, and the patio seating I noted earlier...Overall, just the right size for a neighborhood place.

As Bon and I were reviewing, and discussing, the menu I noticed a man in the corner of the room with his laptop computer and I thought ~ how nice that they have Internet access...A few minutes later the man came over to our table and introduced himself as Matt Woolston the owner of the restaurant.

We probably frightened Mr. Woolston with our just out of the trailer park enthusiasm but fortunately for us he was very patient and answered all of our questions and even explained to us about his vision of a casual neighborhood pizza type place for the family run Matteo's.  And, we even got to meet Mr. Woolston's son Jake who was working bussing tables.

To begin our meal we ordered what else? the calamari.  The Bon decided to have the sirloin (from the picture) and I opted for the California pizza.  I ordered my usual water and Bon ordered a Lemon Martini from the bar.

The Calamari arrived and let me tell you folks if Mr. Woolston weren't married I might have dropped to one knee and proposed...I have ranked this calamari as the second best I have ever had!  A HUGE plate of calamari was placed on the table and as I greedily snatched a forkful of yummy squidness I was totally unprepared for the flavor explosion that hit me. 

The calamari had been prepared perfectly and was seasoned with I dont know what goodness and was then combined with battered onion straws. OH MY HOLY GOD PEOPLE! I would love to wax poetic about the awesomeness of this dish, but honestly I wouldn't do it justice.  What I can tell you is that it was fan-freaking-tastic! 

The steak and pizza soon followed and my pizza was excellent.  There was grilled chicken, a light sauce, goat cheese, bacon and sun dried tomatoes with a perfectly cooked crust.  Sadly, I had eaten so much calamari I had to ask for a box to take my pizza home, but I can report that the pizza was even better cold the next morning for breakfast.

Bon's steak was gorgeous, seasoned to perfection, tender and covered in a burgundy demi-glace that was truly sublime.  I enjoyed the bite of steak that I sampled immensely, however, my (and Bon's) only complaint of the evening was that the sirloin was served well done and she had ordered it rare...A huge disappointment if you are a red meat eater.  The steak was served with fresh veggies of the season including grilled corn, string beans, potatoes, etc.

Mr. Woolston's vision of a casual pizza type place is certainly on the mark as far as the setting, however, his flavorful and creative dishes elevate Matteo's to something much, much more than a neighborhood cafe; and I will definitely be returning to try several more of their dishes.

Bottom line, Matteo's is a must try for anyone who enjoys really good food.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1/2 Price Burger Night at Sonic

Does anyone remember Simple Life when Paris and Nicole worked at Sonic? They were tasked with changing the sign outside of the Sonic on 1/2 Priced Burger Night and they changed it to say "1/2 price Anal, Salty, Weiner Bugers". Well, on my way home from the bank tonight I passed the Sonic and had to stop in because it was 1/2 priced burger night. I have to say that I have never eaten at Sonic before and it was really good! Betsy just kept looking at me and when I turned my back she snagged a tomato somehow. I guess that's on her diet. I keep thinking I should go into a nice long description of the burger, but how much can you say about a burger? It WAS 1/2 price and that makes it good in my book. I find it fascinating that they still have car hops there. How it works is you just pull into any space and when you're ready to order you push the red button and they deliver it to your car. No waiting in a drive thru line. It's pretty sad that in Illinois everything is drive thru (mostly because of the severe weather). You can literally do almost everything without ever having to leave your car.

We're home now. Here's Betsy's dinner.

Doggie Writer's Block

Well, I am stuck. So far today I have only had the Science Diet Light. I may look like I am getting ready to write in this picture but I am actually sniffing out Mom's keyboard for a crumb of anything that might have fallen in there. Nada. So, what I was afraid of happening is now starting to happen. What am I going to write about? I went with Mom today to run some errands and she stopped at Starbucks to use up that $10 that was accidentally put on her gold card yesterday. I leaned over the seat and tried to lick the cup and got scolded. There's no calories in coffee is there?

Here it is, 10 minutes later and EUREKA! Mom made some squash and I decided to see if I could lick something off the plate. I was busted. I guess it's Science Diet for me tonight. And not even Science Diet for regular dogs. It's for FAT DOGS.

Back to being bored and laying around.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ten 22 in Old Town Sacramento

The Bon and I ventured into Old Town Sacramento last weekend just because we had not been there in years and we wanted to see if it was still as fun to visit as we remembered.  It is! 

Old Town Sacramento is simply a fun day whether you are a local yocal or a visiting tourista.  There are a variety of eateries, sweet shops, galleries and clothiers sprinkled among the landmark buildings and there are some new additions in the form of cafe's, clubs and tattoo parlors and even a speakeasy to open soon.  And, of course there is the Railroad museum, the horse drawn carriages and the Sacramento River tours that provide endless amounts of sightseeing and entertainment. 

Among the new additions I mentioned earlier is Ten 22.  Okay, in all honesty I had no intention of eating at Ten 22 when I headed to Old Town.  However as The Bon and I strolled lazily along window shopping, I saw the sign and immediately recalled that Sacramento Magazine had included Ten 22 in its Best Restaurants edition.  Ten 22 had been voted one of the best new restaurants in Sacramento and as far as I am concernced the gauntlet was thrown...We were going in!

I immediately loved the decor and atmosphere; there was a warm and casual uptown cafe vibe with a clear view of the bar and the kitchen from all tables.  Since it was early evening The Bon and I decided to belly up to the bar and sample some appetizers and adult beverages.

Mike (our server) came right over with a warm welcoming smile and handed us a menu as well as giving the the low-down on the specials.  There is a variety of appetizers and salads to choose from but then we fell upon the Holy Grail of appetizers...Calamari.  Now, I must let you all know, here and now, that the Bon and I are...Hmmm, how do I put this delicately?  Basically, we are calamari whores.  Being said "CW's" we have made it our mission in life (much like Star Trek, or the Marines) to seek out all new calamari life forms and then devour them. 

We immediately ordered the calamari and then decided to also sample the wings.  For drinks I asked for water and Bon ordered a Pommegranate Lemon Drop.  I always enjoy watching a bartender mix a drink (and no not just because I am an alcoholic, although I am sure there is something to that) because it reminds me a bit of Tom Cruise in Cocktail and there is just something cool about it.  Mike (our server) poured Bon a beautiful, and fragrant drink, and Bon immediately gave two enthusiastic thumbs up; by her "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" response I inferred that the Pommegranate Lemon Drop was a refreshing and tasy adult beverage.  My water was well, water.

The appetizer's arrived and were beautifully prepared and served...The aromas of lemon and spice wafting off the plates made my mouth water  and I had to remind myself I was in public so as not to go feral on dem wings!

I really enjoyed the lemony zing of the calamari.  The dish included rings and tentacles (the way it should be) and was lightly battered (the way it should be) with the meat remaining tender (the way it should be) and the dipping sauce was a perfect tangy compliment.   

The wings were an Asian inspired love fest...Garlic, ginger, chili and gooey sweetness all lovingly wrapped around a chicken wing.  The heavens wept and the angels sang...Okay, really that was just me crying and singing but those wings deserved praise!

The Bon prefers a more traditional wing of the Buffalo variety and just couldn't muster the weeping and angels response that I had had.  Whatever with her.

Anyhoo, my first experience with Ten 22 was positive enough to make me want to head back soon to sample the dinner menu and I will certainly be back for dem angelic wings.


Barking My Complaints

My vet told my mother that I am fat. I weigh 13.5 pounds and I AM FAT. She did not say I am stupid, let's get that straight up front. In fact, she said I was a very clever dog and I happen to agree. But I AM FAT. It's not my fault, this stubborn belly fat. It happened after my metabolism slowed down when I was spayed.
As a result of BEING FAT my mother has me on a diet of light dog food. I only eat it late in the evening when I am sure there's nothing else I can snag from any other household member. Bailey, my cousin, gets to eat whatever she wants. Nevermind that she is a bundle of nervous energy always jetting around the back yard and working off her calories. I prefer to lay around and keep my mom company. Therefore, I AM FAT. I am officially speaking out to you people on the internet to see if anyone will tell my mother to please give me some better food to eat. After all, I am a blogger of food and there's not much to write about if all I eat is Science Diet Light for FAT DOGS. I have no voice in this matter. Please help.

Starbucks Therapy

So Saturday I was shopping (since I am on a limited budget) and of course I did an impulse purchase at Sprint. I walked into the store out of curiosity because I am not even a Sprint customer and after today I never will be. I bought a tiny little pink bluetooth headset thinking it will help me with my iphone 4 problem of dropped calls if you touch the phone a certain way. I don't need it in my car because there's built in bluetooth there so I thought for $37.42 I would try it at home and see if it solved my problem. However, I know from past experience that things stuck in my ear and I don't get along. Anyway, because of my past bluetooth problems I specifically asked JEFF the Sprint Dude what my options were should I decide to come to my senses and return this little gadget. He said, and I quote: If you bring it back by Monday with all the packaging there will be no re-stocking fee and there will not be a problem. Fast forward to today which is Monday (see reference above). I packed up all the things just like new and found my receipt and went to Sprint. Of course JEFF the Sprint Dude is off today and I had to explain to someone else why I was returning it. After numerous back and forth between some other guy who wasn't Jeff and the manager of the store (who's name is Phadi K - Sprint Store of Oswego, 1530 Douglas Road, Oswego, IL 60543 - area code 630-551-7100 in case you wanted to contact him) I was told that it was a non-refundable purchase. I realize it's only $37.42 but I was PISSED. I told them that this was why I was an AT&T customer and they just shrugged their shoulders. I picked up my little pink bluetooth device and I marched out of that store pronto, vowing to call Sprint Corporate (Shells, can I have their number?). I have a feeling they are still snickering at me.
At this point I had no intention of doing this, but my car accidentally turned into the Drive-Thru Starbucks. I had no choice but to order an iced Venti Caramel Macchiato. And a Venti cup of ice. I handed the guy my gold card and $10 in case there wasn't enough on the card. It was my only cash. He misunderstood me and put it all on the card, which of course means now I have to go back once or twice this week to use that money up because otherwise it will burn a whole in my Dooney and Bourke purse.
To add insult to injury, and to incorporate PETE into this post, I get home and he's standing there with a rag in his hand compalining that I went to Starbucks and didn't bring him anything (which if I had he wouldn't have wanted it anyway). And if all this isn't enough there was a notice on the front door that I missed my Fed Ex delivery of my medication. It has to be signed for. I guess PETE was too busy cleaning and fussing to answer the door. It's going to be a long night.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dining with Pete

I guess I am the slacker here. Shelley and Betsy have been posting and I am watching TV. That's a no-no if you're a blogger. I've never been a blogger, but I'm giving it a shot. Lots of things are changing so that might as well change, too!

I was thinking of sharing the dining experiences I sometimes have with my brother's ex-father-in-law, AKA Pete. I know what you're thinking....what the heck is she doing having dinner with her brother's ex-father-in-law. Well, it's a long story. I am living with my brother for the time being and for reasons I could never explain, Pete also stays here in the summers because Arizona is too hot. He insists on eating out every night. Problem is that he's getting on in years and can't remember from day to day where he is. He has a passion for giving the food servers a hard time and then complaining about the bill when it arrives. He doesn't seem to get the concept that when you take someone with you, the bill usually is twice as much. Lucky for him I have quit drinking and so he doesn't have to deal with my double martini orders. I'll save that for another time!

Now mind you, I do NOT go out with him most of the time. I only get caught in that trap if I was the elected one to take him to the doctor or some other equally exciting task. You can't go anywhere with him without him wanting to stop for food. You just can't. And there's no such thing as a drive thru or quick bite with him. He needs to go in, sit down, have a Jack on the rocks while he mulls over the same menu he's read almost every other night that week. Each time it's like he's never been there before. For example, before we go into Red Lobster, I can tell you he's going to order something called the Sailor's Platter. But he'll look at the menu and then look again and then call the waiter over and ask if they have the Sailor's Platter. Usually this is when the waiter looks at me like "weren't you just here yesterday and didn't he have that?" and I will just nod and smile. So the Sailor's Platter will finally be ordered, along with a beer. Then he will take 3 times longer than any other human being on earth to eat the food while he tells you that he was in the Navy and has been around the world twice. (Some days it's three times, but usually it's twice). Then it'll be time for dessert. He will take 15 minutes to decide he wants vanilla ice cream. Do you have vanilla ice cream? Ummm, yes. We have it and we had it last night and the night before when you were here, too. Ok, so then the bill will come and he will say "$60.00! What did we have that could add up to $60.00?" And he'll call the waiter over and go over every item on the bill and finally whip out the old wallet and pay, all the while bitching that he can't believe it was $60.00. It's highway robbery!

There is one thing you can count on with Pete though. He makes damn sure we're home by 6:30. Why? Why?????? Three words: Wheel of Fortune.

And so it begins...

Okay, I love food!  Hmmm, do-over...I love some food! 

Alright, I actually am not a full blown foodie...I really don't love all foods.  In fact most foods that are of the vegetable persuasian are a definate "no thank you" for me.  And, FYI I have already begun a draft entitled 101 Ways To Hide Your Vegetables...But that is another blog designed mostly for kids.  However, I digress.

So okay, I am no Anthony Bourdain and I am probably  most likely  definately not going to travel to South East Asia to eat duck sperm prepared in a hand made clay pot buried in a pigs belly and slow cooked in the ground. 

However, I am completely willing to trek several miles into dangeous suburbs and downtown areas; battling homeless populations, one way street traffic, totally over priced parking garages and uber snarky seating hostesses to bring you my thoughts and my impressions of the places I visit, the food I eat and the people I meet. 

In addition to sharing my restaurant reviews I plan on sharing some family traditions, funny food stories, kitchen nightmares, yummy recipes and helpful hints.  And, in an effort to go global with Food A Go-Go, Nancy will be sharing stories from Chicago and Besty Lou will be contributing for the animals who eat other animals population.

No, no don't even mention my effort or sacrifice; I am a total giver.  Errrm, well I am more of a taker really, but I am sometimes impressed with unselfish people and I occasionally aspire to be like them and this really seemed like the easiest way to do that...

I hope that you will enjoy my rants and raves.


Weiner Dog Review of Portillos

Hello world! As you might have noticed, I am a weiner dog. I feel that because of that I am more than qualified to give you reviews on Chicago Hot Dogs. My first review is now. Bear with me as it's not easy to type with these paws.

Having moved from California where they don't have anything close to being a decent hot dog, I am happy to report that things are different in Chicago. We are starting our review today with Portillos. If you've never been to Portillos you have no idea what you're missing. Be prepared to wait no matter what time of day you go.
Dick Portillo opened the original place in 1963 (before I was born). They will soon have 45 locations. I hear they even have some in California, but trust me, they won't taste the same. I believe you actually have to be IN Chicago to really appreciate a Chicago dog. Since I am a Chicago Dog, I believe you can trust me. Get a hot dog with everything and then my advice is to remove the peppers and just let the taste from them linger. A true chicago dog has peppers, mustard, pickle, onions, celery salt and tomatoes.
They do serve a really good Italian Beef but the main reason to go there is for the dogs. Dogs Rule!