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Monday, February 28, 2011

And the red red robin goes bob-bob-bobbin along....

Recently a friend of mine from Colorado asked me if we had a Red Robin near us. We do! It's less than a mile away! He got me to thinking...I love a good burger. Red Robin claims to have gourmet burgers. Do they? Speed ahead a week or two...after I ponder this almost every time I get a hunger pain. Finally, it erupts. I am home alone on Saturday and I am starving. Several times I look at the online menu of Red Robin....I cannot resist any longer. I make the phone call and get myself dressed (a feat in and of itself these days). I drive the .4 miles to Red Robin and pick up a Blue Ribbon Burger. It was HUGE. Even by my standards. I suppose that if I had not ordered Onion Ring stacker appetizer I could have finished it all. As it is, I am happy to have split it with my niece. I will never again drive past Red Robin without having the urge to turn in.

Yummy....and very reasonably priced. For about $2.00 more than Burger King, you get a real gourmet original masterpiece. I rest my case.

Danelli's Pizzeria -- OMG!!!!

Ok, people...if you are in the market for a romantic evening and positvely fantastic pizza...go to Danelli's Ristorante family owned place in Oswego, IL! It's quaint and charming and reasonably priced. Not to mention delicious!!!!!! They specialize in a homemade chicken garlic pizza that is to die for. They pay attention to every guest, as it's a small and intimate setting. I was there with my my friends Steve and Mary, so it wasn't as romantic as it could have been...but don't let that hold you back. I'm sure Steve and Mary found it more romantic than I did. We had a great experience and fabulous atmosphere. On top of all that, we got free dessert. What more could you ask?

A Special Tribute to the one and only PETE!!!

It's really with a heavy heart that I write this post. My world-famous dining companion PETE passed away on February 22, 2011. I can honestly say that I hope he's in Red Lobster Heaven enjoying as many shots of Jack Daniel's as he wants and a perfectly cooked Sailor's Platter. On February 23, about 40 of our family and friends gathered at Bucca DiBeppo to celebrate the extraordinary life of PETE! We ate, drank, and told PETE stories all night.

We had fantastic Italian food in the Frank Sinatra room. There was even a photo of Wheel of Fortune on the wall. PETE loved that show! I will never again pass a Red Lobster or an Olive Garden without remembering PETE. I am absolutely assured of one thing...wherever he is, he's arguing over the price of the bill. Rest in peace, PETE. I love you!