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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Perfect Bite?

Okay, resorting to threats and throwing guantlets, Really Nancy?  What has the world come to when grown women and dogs start e-challenging people?  Seriously, we are truly a twisted generation of food freaks.

So to answer the challenge I am tossing out a mini blog about The Perfect Bite Co. and thier amazingly yummy perfectly perfected Gourmet Miniature Burgers with Carmelized Onions and Gorgonzola.  Yeppers, they are indeed perfect.  Perfect for an appetizer, perfect for individual snackage, perfect for parties (if you are in a frame of mind to share) and perfectly easy to prepare.  It doesn't get any easier than box to microwave right?

It all started with a seemingly innocent walk through the Nugget Market on a Sunday afternoon.  Then there "she" was at the end of the frozen food aisle offering free samples just like one of those Costco whores.  I mean seriously, who can pass up the free food offering...Clearly someone with much thinner genes/jeans? than me! 

The Nugget/Costo whore was offering samples of a goumet pig in a blanket, but it was the stack of burger boxes that caught my eye. 

So the Perfect Bite Co. with thier perfect Nugget/Costco whore had me at hello...I bought the perfect burgers for $8.99 and ate the whole perfect damn box.  And, I loved them, a perfect little succulent bite with a perfect dab of cheese and onions.  Good stuff!

I am truly a fan of Burgers on almost every level.  And, in some completely perverted mind meld marketing scheme the mini burger/slider is a fat chicks holy grail of burgers.  It's like I am eating smaller portions, or less, but really I can scarf all twelve baby burgers and somehow convince myself it isnt bad because they are so tiny. 

How perfect is that?

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