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Monday, February 28, 2011

And the red red robin goes bob-bob-bobbin along....

Recently a friend of mine from Colorado asked me if we had a Red Robin near us. We do! It's less than a mile away! He got me to thinking...I love a good burger. Red Robin claims to have gourmet burgers. Do they? Speed ahead a week or two...after I ponder this almost every time I get a hunger pain. Finally, it erupts. I am home alone on Saturday and I am starving. Several times I look at the online menu of Red Robin....I cannot resist any longer. I make the phone call and get myself dressed (a feat in and of itself these days). I drive the .4 miles to Red Robin and pick up a Blue Ribbon Burger. It was HUGE. Even by my standards. I suppose that if I had not ordered Onion Ring stacker appetizer I could have finished it all. As it is, I am happy to have split it with my niece. I will never again drive past Red Robin without having the urge to turn in.

Yummy....and very reasonably priced. For about $2.00 more than Burger King, you get a real gourmet original masterpiece. I rest my case.

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