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Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's a miracle...a dog food miracle!

Even though I don't think she's crazy about me, my Aunt Paige is my favorite Aunt. She works at Banfield Vet at PetsMart and because of that, Mom took me there today. We sorta just wanted to get out of the house and peek in on what Paige was doing. Well...Eureka!!!!!!!!!!! This lady was walking around the store selling dog food and you will never guess that Mom actually bought me something new. Yes, she did. Yes!!! she did!!! She did. I swear.

It went down like this: this woman stopped to admire how darn cute I am and of course Mom was eating it up and talking to her. Next thing you know, we're in the dog food aisle and this woman is talking Mom into a food that the vet recommends because it has glucosamine for special dogs like me who have had bad backs and now has a bad hip. She told Mom to mix it with my Science Diet Lite at first and then ween me off SDL onto the new food. Ha ha ha....I fooled all of them. I spent a good 15 minutes picking out the little SDL chunks and just eating the new food which is really, really yummy. I like it so much they put my photo on the bag.

Life is good. Until I get sick of this food. I'll report back.

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