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Monday, March 14, 2011

Soups On!

You know it's been raining in Nor*Cal for what seems like 142 day now...Okay, that is clearly an exaggeration, but, when you miss the sun it certainly seems much longer than it actually is.  One of the few things that I can take comfort in when its gray and gloomy is Winter Food.  You know what I mean the homey, gut warming foods that your mom made.  To me Winter Food are entrees like meatloaf, spaghetti, pot roast and mashed potatoes and of course stews and soups.

I decided to head to the Nugget Market for dinner because I had had a big lunch and because I didn't want to cook.  Something warm and already made sounded great.  I entered the store and picked up some fresh fruit and then headed over to the deli and bakery.  I wandered past the chinese kitchen and wrinkled my nose, I mozied past the sushi and decided no, I glanced at the salad bar and the hot baked items and nothing was screaming "take me home."  Then as I was turning the corner for the bakery I glanced at the soup bar. 

OMG, YES!  Soup is exactly what I didn't even know I wanted!  My little happy place got happier and everything was shiny again.  I wanted to sing out loud but of course I was still in the store so I contained the excitement to the inside and just giggled a little maniacally.

As luck would have it the Nugget had a huge steaming pot of Chicken Noodle, and let me tell ya I love me some chicken noodle soup!  I grabbed a half pint container and ladeled a really fragrant soup with thick noodles and chunks of chicken and veggies.  Then I grabbed a rustic demi baguette and headed home.  Don't worry I paid first...

I got home and sliced some of the baguette and added some strawberries to my plate and let me tell you people it was uber yumminess.  The chicken noodle had a nice base soup that was not too thick but not watery.  There were carrots, celery and onion,, the noodles were perfect and the chicken was tender.  Pulling it all together was oregano and maybe sage and certainly salt and pepper. 

 I don't know what the Nugget puts into thier soups but I have enjoyed every one that I have tried and this was no exception.  So, if you are ever get that 142 rainy day feeling I suggest a lovely Winter Meal from the Nugget soup kitchen (or your local market) that only costs about $5.00 and is sure to drive those blues away.


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  1. I want some now. :) Is it good for the nuclear blues?