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Friday, March 11, 2011

Stop Worrying...Start Wine-ing

GoRoma. It's an Italian place near my office who caters and they are fabulous. Not only do they bring free lunches (Tilapia for me and my co-worker today) to the people who order, but they deliver plenty of fresh, hot, fantastic Italian food. Luckily for me, half the people didn't show up for our focus group today which means there's enough left over food in our refridgerator right now to feed a small army. Not sure if they are a local only type establishment.

We have tonight: Salad. Breadsticks. Cheese Ravioli. Rigatoni. Fettucini Alfredo. Cookies. Of course you know that I will not eat this. It's all for Jim and/or Paige. LOL. Yeah, ok.
I can say that now because I am full from nibbling all day. The Tilapia was so so so good. Smothered in a garlic butter and lemon sauce. With spinach on the side. I will order from them again the first time the opportunity presents itself. Odds are, in about 3 hours I'll be raiding the fridge. :(

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