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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Culver's French Fries

It was an amazing day today. First off, my mom took me with her ALL DAY LONG. We went to visit my sister Millie and her mom. I am not sure if Mommy forgot about my diet, but she actually fed me a Culver's french fry! I swear...she did. I have witnesses and everything. In this picture I look like I am missing teeth but I think it's just the angle mom took the photo from. I almost look like a vampire bat, but I was so excited to eat that french fry that I didn't care what I looked like! That was the major highlight of the day. Spending time with Millie was fun but I am always a little leary of Millie as she was Mommy's first love. She is the daschund that came before me and started my Mom's love of Daschund's. I have this sort of fear in the back of my mind that Mommy loves Millie more than me. I am the second born. However, I realize when we leave Millie and go back home that I am truly number 1 and I am the most important dog in the world. Millie will always be special, but she has her own Mom to love her and I have my Mom all to myself. A Mom who clearly loves me more than anything, proven by the fact that I did get a Culver's french fry today! Anyway, after we left Millie I had to compete with the other love of Mom's life -- my real life brother Michael. He's a little tougher to compete with for obvious reasons. BUT, I realize that Michael is a grown man who has his own life and I am dependent upon Mom for all my care, so it's me who gets all the attention. Make sense? It does to me. I didn't see her giving Mike any Culver's french fries today. Nope...that's something she did only for me. I am the MID. That Most Important Dog. And today was a great day. Millie, Mike and everything.

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