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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Chicken and White Bean Chili for Human's Only

This is an awesome recipe. It took like 10 minutes to prepare and it's really good! The part that took the longest was finding all the stuff in the grocery story. I don't know why Illinois has their stores organized so poorly. And of course none of the can sizes ever match the size the recipe calls for. So you will need to wing it. Oh, and if you have an electric can opener that dates back to the Flinstone era, perhaps it's time to invest in a new one. It's also disappointing when you make this and are really proud of it and then everyone comes home and says "I'm not hungry" or "I was going to Quiznos". So you know what I say? More for me. To Betsy's dismay there is not any for her. We are taking her diet very seriously and you will most likely hear about it when she blogs later today. She is clearly not happy with me but I read an article last night and it's for the best that she gets in shape.

But back to my GREAT FOR FALL COOL NIGHTS AND FOOTBALL GAMES White Bean Chicken Chili. Top it off with a touch of sour cream and you have a meal. A seriously good meal that will beat Quiznos any night of the week. And it's so much better than Science Diet Lite.

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