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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Purina Dog Chow can be delivered to your house!!!

Are you aware that if your Mom goes on the internet she can go to and actually order dog food and treats to be delivered right to your front door? You heard not only get the excitement of the doorbell ringing, but you get dog food delivered! And if you're a first time Peapod-er like we were you get FREE delivery. Around here, FREE is good. So, yesterday the door bell rang and I got to scare the heck out of the delivery guy. He tried to hide his fear of me by smiling and saying I was adorable, but I am pretty sure that underneath he was terrified. I have that effect on people. So, here's my advice to you dogs who's Mom's have not yet discovered grocery delivery.

Put on your best puppy eyes. You know what I mean. If you are good enough at it (like I am) you can put on a face with very little effort on your part. It's the look of "I am very sad that you are leaving the house to go shopping without fact, I am pretty sure that you don't even love me anymore, but I'll be OK. I'll just lay here and wait for you to come back..." Like this:

It is very effective. So, she gives in and goes on line to Peapod and orders PURINA DOG CHOW! I did not say Science Diet Light...I said DOG CHOW! It has cheesy bites and everything in it!!!!! I was thrilled!!! But then all hell broke lose. I found out if was for Bailey! Bailey is my cousin who is fit and thin because she is a show-off who runs around the yard and exercises. I am still stuck with Science Diet Light. At least that is what I am leading everyone to believe...
Shhhhhhh, I have a secret that NOBODY and I mean NOBODY knows about. I non-chalantly walk into the kitchen and look around for witnesses. If the coast is clear, I take one piece of Bailey's dog chow and then stash it under the living room chair for consumption later. I do this enough times and I have an entire meal that is NOT diet food. Not only do I get the pleasure of stealing something that belongs to Bailey, but I can eat REAL food! Well, almost. I am still working on a way to do this with hamburger and rice. That might be a bit trickier, but I will eventually devise a plan for that, as well. Just wait and see. For now, I am happy with my current plan. Tee hee hee....I am such a clever dog!

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