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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

History Repeats Itself

Today PETE accompanied me to the doctor and the minute we got in the car (at 11:45 AM) he began badgering me to go to Red Lobster after the doctor appointment. I told him "we'll see" like I used to with my son when he was 4. When I would say that to Mike he was smart enough to say "don't say we'll see, because when you say we'll see, it means no!". There is no such word as no in Pete's vocabulary. I sat in the doctors office receiving the slowest IV iron drip since the dawn of IV iron drips, and all I could focus on was PETE pondering that Red Lobster menu wondering if they had the Sailor's Platter. I mean seriously. I was surrounded by cancer patients receiving chemo therapy and I am consumed about how to get out of dinner with PETE because I didn't think I could stand a two hour Red Lobster stint.

He won. He went to Red Lobster. I tried to persuade him to try something new as we passed restaurant after restaurant. No, no, no. I told him to be adventurous and try something new! NO. He told me I was hard to get along with and I figured it was better than arguing with him.

For the details of the rest of the experience, please refer to the blog post a few days back entitled dining with PETE.


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  1. LOL, but did he call the waiter over to discuss the bill?