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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Inner Rock Star is now satisfied

Last night I was on the old "no food or drink after midnight" as I was having a lumbar injection in my spine at the hospital this morning. Ooops, when I woke up at 2:45 because my co-blogger and bedmate Betsy Lou needed to go outside, I ate a piece of candy. But other than that, I had had nothing (minus a sip of my niece's starbucks on the way to the hospital because I had to swallow my medication. So, I was starving. By the time we left the hospital (25 miles from our house) I needed to eat SOMETHING. My appetite was even better since PETE was not there. I could feel nothing from the waist down on my right side so it was great to have the Illinois drive-thru option. Paige and I chose my brother's favorite place Augustino's Rock and Roll Deli.
I promise you this is the best sandwich EVER. It's a submarine sandwich place that's on the expensive side (3 roast beef subs were $19) but worth every single penny. The bread is fresh baked and the taste is like no other. It's a family owned business with only two locations here in the Chicago Suburbs. My advice is that if you don't live here, you might consider moving here just for Augustino's. Seriously.
I am still numb, but I can tell my appetite is satisfied. Oh, and Paige stopped and got me a Starbucks so I could have my caffeine fix.
Tomorrow you can look forward to another lunch with PETE as I assume after our next hospital visit he'll insist and this time I am not going to argue. It's just not worth the hassle. It'll be a two hour lunch and I just hope it's not Red Lobster.

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