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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Walgreen's Treats

This is not on my diet, but when I am especially good (which is almost always) my mom gives me this Waggin Train Chicken Drumettes treat that she gets at Walgreens (two for $5.00). That is a bargain by any dog standards. She gives one to me and one to Bailey. Bailey foolishly gobbles hers down really fast and then comes and sits and stares at me while I am still savoring each little bite. It is even more fun when Bailey is staring at me with her tongue hanging out and I can smirk at her (yes, dogs CAN smirk). I know it's mean, but that just makes this the best treat in the world. Stay tuned tomorrow when I review the T-Bonz bites that also come from Walgreens. Yum!!!!

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