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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Zucchini's and Guns

When I was working, I looked so forward to the weekends. Now, not so much. Saturday especially means being alone in this big house with PETE. And PETE always has ants in his pants. I needed to do something today to be productive so I went to the store and bought everything necessary for zucchini bread. The only thing I did not buy was the actual zucchini as we usually have an abudance of them being that my niece's boyfriend is a farmer. I got home and started to prepare the recipe I got from and realized that there was no viable zucchini in the house. Just a few mushy ones. Ooops. I asked PETE if he would run to the store and pick up two large zucchinis. Here is the exact conversation as it transpired, I kid you not:

Me: Can you please run over and get two really large zucchinis?

PETE: What now?

Me: Zucchinis. They are in the vegetable department.

PETE: What are they?

Me: Let me write it down, just ask someone they will know what it is.

PETE: Do we need anything from the store?


PETE: What are they?

Me: They are vegetables! Just ask someone.

PETE: Do I have to go now?

Me: You don't have to go at all, I will go.

PETE: I am going to the store, do you want anything?

Me: Well, how about if you pick up some zucchinis.

PETE: Ok. Where do I find them?

This continued for quite a while. He finally went and retrieved the zucchini and I made the bread. While I am cooking he says "do we need anything from the store?" I said "why, are you going back?" He replies "what about dinner?" That falls under the category of whatever you choose to do leave me out of it. I just told him I was eating zucchini bread for dinner. He says "what is zucchini bread?".

It's nights like this that I am very glad I don't know where the key to the gun cabinet is.

Thankfully, my son came over and we ordered a pizza.

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