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Thursday, August 19, 2010

T-Bonz by Purina = Doggie Heaven

The dogs on this package are not very cute. Well, maybe the one on the right is, as she reminds me a little of my friend Sarah Taylor (sometimes known as Sarah Jessica Parker Taylor). Only my friend Sarah is cuter. They are smart dogs though (not fat and stupid) because I bet they got a deal on free T-Bonz for posing for this picture. My cousin Bailey and I cannot get enough of these little morsels. They are soft (which is something I demand). They are flavorful. They are heaven for dogs. The only treat I like better is the chicken drumette I reviewed yesterday. These are a close second. I will pose for their package anytime. After all, I might be in a book soon. The Cutest Pets in America. If my mom decides to fork over a preferred price of $59.99 for a copy of the book. Please write to her and tell her to do it. It's my first public exposure and it might lead to more deals such as posing for the T-Bonz package. Or better yet, the drumettes package! Can you even imagine? All the drumettes you can eat just for having your picture used? Oh, nevermind. I bet my mom would still limit me to one or two a day since I AM FAT. Sigh.

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