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Sunday, August 15, 2010

And so it begins...

Okay, I love food!  Hmmm, do-over...I love some food! 

Alright, I actually am not a full blown foodie...I really don't love all foods.  In fact most foods that are of the vegetable persuasian are a definate "no thank you" for me.  And, FYI I have already begun a draft entitled 101 Ways To Hide Your Vegetables...But that is another blog designed mostly for kids.  However, I digress.

So okay, I am no Anthony Bourdain and I am probably  most likely  definately not going to travel to South East Asia to eat duck sperm prepared in a hand made clay pot buried in a pigs belly and slow cooked in the ground. 

However, I am completely willing to trek several miles into dangeous suburbs and downtown areas; battling homeless populations, one way street traffic, totally over priced parking garages and uber snarky seating hostesses to bring you my thoughts and my impressions of the places I visit, the food I eat and the people I meet. 

In addition to sharing my restaurant reviews I plan on sharing some family traditions, funny food stories, kitchen nightmares, yummy recipes and helpful hints.  And, in an effort to go global with Food A Go-Go, Nancy will be sharing stories from Chicago and Besty Lou will be contributing for the animals who eat other animals population.

No, no don't even mention my effort or sacrifice; I am a total giver.  Errrm, well I am more of a taker really, but I am sometimes impressed with unselfish people and I occasionally aspire to be like them and this really seemed like the easiest way to do that...

I hope that you will enjoy my rants and raves.


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