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Monday, August 16, 2010

Ten 22 in Old Town Sacramento

The Bon and I ventured into Old Town Sacramento last weekend just because we had not been there in years and we wanted to see if it was still as fun to visit as we remembered.  It is! 

Old Town Sacramento is simply a fun day whether you are a local yocal or a visiting tourista.  There are a variety of eateries, sweet shops, galleries and clothiers sprinkled among the landmark buildings and there are some new additions in the form of cafe's, clubs and tattoo parlors and even a speakeasy to open soon.  And, of course there is the Railroad museum, the horse drawn carriages and the Sacramento River tours that provide endless amounts of sightseeing and entertainment. 

Among the new additions I mentioned earlier is Ten 22.  Okay, in all honesty I had no intention of eating at Ten 22 when I headed to Old Town.  However as The Bon and I strolled lazily along window shopping, I saw the sign and immediately recalled that Sacramento Magazine had included Ten 22 in its Best Restaurants edition.  Ten 22 had been voted one of the best new restaurants in Sacramento and as far as I am concernced the gauntlet was thrown...We were going in!

I immediately loved the decor and atmosphere; there was a warm and casual uptown cafe vibe with a clear view of the bar and the kitchen from all tables.  Since it was early evening The Bon and I decided to belly up to the bar and sample some appetizers and adult beverages.

Mike (our server) came right over with a warm welcoming smile and handed us a menu as well as giving the the low-down on the specials.  There is a variety of appetizers and salads to choose from but then we fell upon the Holy Grail of appetizers...Calamari.  Now, I must let you all know, here and now, that the Bon and I are...Hmmm, how do I put this delicately?  Basically, we are calamari whores.  Being said "CW's" we have made it our mission in life (much like Star Trek, or the Marines) to seek out all new calamari life forms and then devour them. 

We immediately ordered the calamari and then decided to also sample the wings.  For drinks I asked for water and Bon ordered a Pommegranate Lemon Drop.  I always enjoy watching a bartender mix a drink (and no not just because I am an alcoholic, although I am sure there is something to that) because it reminds me a bit of Tom Cruise in Cocktail and there is just something cool about it.  Mike (our server) poured Bon a beautiful, and fragrant drink, and Bon immediately gave two enthusiastic thumbs up; by her "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" response I inferred that the Pommegranate Lemon Drop was a refreshing and tasy adult beverage.  My water was well, water.

The appetizer's arrived and were beautifully prepared and served...The aromas of lemon and spice wafting off the plates made my mouth water  and I had to remind myself I was in public so as not to go feral on dem wings!

I really enjoyed the lemony zing of the calamari.  The dish included rings and tentacles (the way it should be) and was lightly battered (the way it should be) with the meat remaining tender (the way it should be) and the dipping sauce was a perfect tangy compliment.   

The wings were an Asian inspired love fest...Garlic, ginger, chili and gooey sweetness all lovingly wrapped around a chicken wing.  The heavens wept and the angels sang...Okay, really that was just me crying and singing but those wings deserved praise!

The Bon prefers a more traditional wing of the Buffalo variety and just couldn't muster the weeping and angels response that I had had.  Whatever with her.

Anyhoo, my first experience with Ten 22 was positive enough to make me want to head back soon to sample the dinner menu and I will certainly be back for dem angelic wings.


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