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Friday, August 20, 2010

A Change of Pace

Today has been, well, interesting. It began by me telling PETE at 8:30 that we would be leaving in 1 hour for his doctor visit (a visit we have discussed in depth every day for over a week). He says "where are we going?" and I told him again. He says "why are we going?" and I told him, AGAIN. Then, he tells me (without prompting) that we're leaving too early. So he remembers that the time for his appointment is 11AM. How can you remember the time but not know where you are going and why? Nevermind, I know, it's old age and his condition and I need to just shut up about that because that will so be me one day. In fact, to a degree, it's me already. But anyway, we got to his appointment early and he checks in at the desk and the lady gives him 6 pages of paperwork to fill out. PETE comes to sit near me in the waiting room (full of people, I might add) and says loud enough for almost everyone to hear "look at this shit...I have to fill out a book about myself...BITCH". I said (equally loud) PETE, don't be like that, these people are here to help you and they need this information. He tries to give me the same argument that he always gives me "well, they are the doctor's they should know this stuff". He thinks every doctor in the free world already knows his complete medical history.

Now, let me get to the good part of the story. When we finished his appointment and left we decided (for a change) to go to this quaint little restaurant in downtown Oswego. It's just called Family Restaurant, I think. When I walked in I immediatly recalled being their with my own mother and my son in 1994 after a day of house shopping for me. Memories!!! Nice memories!

The food was fantastic. I felt like we were in Mayberry, North Carolina and that Andy and Barney might walk in at any moment. Even though it was noon, I ordered french toast (needed to take a piece home). They had the best and crispiest hash browns EVER. They brought my milk out when I asked and kept coming over to refill our coffee. Wonderful, nice atmosphere with great food. So what if my dining partner was PETE and he was grumpy. If he mulled over the menu and ordered the same thing he always does I was oblivious because I've never been there with him. Of course I can never go there with him again now because it will irritate me.

The good experience was washed away when we got home and PETE opened up a medical bill from his last cerebral angiogram a few weeks ago. It was $42,000! (Medicare will be paying it but that didn't stop him from going on a rant about the corrupt bastards in Illinois and how he's going to write a letter to Obama). I have to admit the medical fees in this country are off the charts, but hearing about it over and over and over isn't making me feel any warmer and fuzzier about it.

He's going to a wedding tonight for his nephew. It'll be nice to have the house back!

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