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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weiner Dog Review of Portillos

Hello world! As you might have noticed, I am a weiner dog. I feel that because of that I am more than qualified to give you reviews on Chicago Hot Dogs. My first review is now. Bear with me as it's not easy to type with these paws.

Having moved from California where they don't have anything close to being a decent hot dog, I am happy to report that things are different in Chicago. We are starting our review today with Portillos. If you've never been to Portillos you have no idea what you're missing. Be prepared to wait no matter what time of day you go.
Dick Portillo opened the original place in 1963 (before I was born). They will soon have 45 locations. I hear they even have some in California, but trust me, they won't taste the same. I believe you actually have to be IN Chicago to really appreciate a Chicago dog. Since I am a Chicago Dog, I believe you can trust me. Get a hot dog with everything and then my advice is to remove the peppers and just let the taste from them linger. A true chicago dog has peppers, mustard, pickle, onions, celery salt and tomatoes.
They do serve a really good Italian Beef but the main reason to go there is for the dogs. Dogs Rule!

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  1. Betsy Lou clearly you have never had a Nor-Cal Caspers Dog! However, I do have to agree that Portillos rules in Chi-Town.