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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1/2 Price Burger Night at Sonic

Does anyone remember Simple Life when Paris and Nicole worked at Sonic? They were tasked with changing the sign outside of the Sonic on 1/2 Priced Burger Night and they changed it to say "1/2 price Anal, Salty, Weiner Bugers". Well, on my way home from the bank tonight I passed the Sonic and had to stop in because it was 1/2 priced burger night. I have to say that I have never eaten at Sonic before and it was really good! Betsy just kept looking at me and when I turned my back she snagged a tomato somehow. I guess that's on her diet. I keep thinking I should go into a nice long description of the burger, but how much can you say about a burger? It WAS 1/2 price and that makes it good in my book. I find it fascinating that they still have car hops there. How it works is you just pull into any space and when you're ready to order you push the red button and they deliver it to your car. No waiting in a drive thru line. It's pretty sad that in Illinois everything is drive thru (mostly because of the severe weather). You can literally do almost everything without ever having to leave your car.

We're home now. Here's Betsy's dinner.

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