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Monday, August 16, 2010

Barking My Complaints

My vet told my mother that I am fat. I weigh 13.5 pounds and I AM FAT. She did not say I am stupid, let's get that straight up front. In fact, she said I was a very clever dog and I happen to agree. But I AM FAT. It's not my fault, this stubborn belly fat. It happened after my metabolism slowed down when I was spayed.
As a result of BEING FAT my mother has me on a diet of light dog food. I only eat it late in the evening when I am sure there's nothing else I can snag from any other household member. Bailey, my cousin, gets to eat whatever she wants. Nevermind that she is a bundle of nervous energy always jetting around the back yard and working off her calories. I prefer to lay around and keep my mom company. Therefore, I AM FAT. I am officially speaking out to you people on the internet to see if anyone will tell my mother to please give me some better food to eat. After all, I am a blogger of food and there's not much to write about if all I eat is Science Diet Light for FAT DOGS. I have no voice in this matter. Please help.

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